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Donna Harpauer, Minister of Social Services Saskatchewan

Donna Harpauer, Minister of Social Services

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Tim Tremblay
@PremierBradWall @pmharper @CTVNews @LisaLaFlammeCTV
10:22 AM – 08 Aug 12 via web
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This blog is dedicated to the men and women of the various ministries and organizations of the Premier Brad Wall‘s Saskatchewan Government. Especially Lee-Anne Jelenski, Beth Jelinski, Pat Armstrong-Wilson, Janet Dillabaugh, June Draude, Premier Brad Wall, Ministry of Social Services and the Moose Jaw City Police Service, Warren Michelson MLA you fucking piece of shit  and Denise Arnold of Warren Michleson’s office. You Fucking Scum Bags have made my life hell. From the time I arrived in Moose Jaw. Everything from trying to delay my housing, ignoring Doctor’s orders, to charging me with trespassing. You all fucking suck you Fucking Nazi’s. And further Warren Michelson’s Denise Arnold filed a complaint with the city of Moose Jaw Police Service as the police attended my home on June 17 ,2012 threatening to charge me with harrassment , slander and defamation. The police officer assured me that my blog makes me look bad and that there are better ways to communicate. In the first place I did communicate in a appropriate manner, but yet I was slandered threatened and assaulted by members of the Ministry of Social Services. In all rational thinking you would think that when a constituient attended an MLA’s office with these types of complaints regarding civil servants that the issues would be addressed in a appropriate matter, but with all sincerity I believe that Denise Arnold and Warren Michelson MLA are not doing their job, and reportedly Warren Michelson MLA is  on special goverment team appointed by Premier Brad Wall to defend the Ministry of Social Services.
Clinton DeMarce, of course I was not legally entitled to receive excess shelter payments for the period July 2011 till May 2012 under Income Assistance Regulations, because I was entered into the Social Assistance Program incorrectly by Lee-Anne Jelinski and Patricia Armstrong-Wilson Supervisor Income Assistance Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. If I was entered in the system correctly I would have been exempt under Social Assistance Program regultaions  as so many of your clients are  ie. ( Doug Ross, Leona Blake both live in accomodations where the rent is in excess of what Income Assistance pays for rent  on SAP and SAID  and they are not being billed overpayments for excess shelter  as they live in places over what welfare pays for rent and they qualified to legally receive excess shelter payments.  So it doesn’t matter if I appeal to the Saskatchewan Social Serivces Appeal Board regarding be billed for excess shelter payments, because legally your appeal board in Saskatchewan is corrupt and now that I am in receipt of Saskatchewan Assured Assistance for Disability I am eligilbe for excess shelter payments. Get off the fucking crack Clinton DeMarce and Patricia Armtstrong-Wilson Ministry of Social Services Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Please open the following blue links to see appeal:
With Gratitude, Tim Tremblay, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada.
Brad I only see 1 advantage here. That’s yours. So really how are you in keeping with the “Saskatchewan Advantage” ????? You Fuck FACE piece of shit.

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Mentioned in this Tweet

  • Ministry of Social Services condones Mental Abuse‏


  • Brad Wall
To Tim Tremblay, Minister SS
From: on behalf of Office of the Premier (
Sent: September-02-11 3:53:12 PM
To: Tim Tremblay (
Cc: Minister SS (
1 attachment (48.5 KB

Dear Minister Draude, Mr. Tim Tremblay has contacted our office and is requesting a response from his recent correspondence. I have attached the information that he has asked me to forward to you on his behalf. Authorization for SaskParty Caucus to look into his files has been signed at our Constituency Office on September 13th, 2011. Please respond to Mr. Tremblay directly and cc. our office. Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Denise Arnold Constituency Assistant to Warren  Michelson MLA Moose Jaw North 326 B High  St. West Moose Jaw, Sask. S6H 1S9 Phone: 692-8884 Fax: 692-8872

Thank You Denise, Have a Great Day. Sincerely, Tim Tremblay
To,, Brad Wall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tim Tremblay,
Tim Tremblay response requested
1 attachment (140.7 KB)


The Ministry of Social Services Pat Wilson BSW Income and Assistance Moose Jaw Saskatchewan is in collusion with  Dr Thorpe from the Southill Medial Walk-In Clinic to Deny MY Health and Welfare. Dr. Brandon Thorpe and Pat Wilson supervisor at Moose Jaw Ministry of Social Services. You put the words in to Dr.Thorpe’s mouth !
Dr. BrandonThorpe, Faggit

Pat Wilson BSW Approval of Orthopedic Bed Please note  the following summons ticket no. 7223200was delivered to my home on Wednesday November 02, 2011 by Stan Koch Moose Jaw Police Service. On June 05, 2012 discussions with Blair Buccis , Moose Jaw City Police Service and Crown Prosector’s Office include refusal of City Police to call  all Crown witnesses for trial. Including two Ministry receptionist’s and Janet Dillabaugh.

Trespass prohibited 3 (1) Without the consent of the occupier of a premises, no person who is not acting under a right or authority conferred by law shall: (a) enter in or on the premises when entry is prohibited pursuant to this Act;
November 24,2011
Today’s date I spoke with Elizabeth at Accounts Receivable Minstry of Social
Development at (toll-free) 1-877-815-2363 to have my T5007 forward to
my current address in Moose Jaw. I also learned from Elizabeth that you are making malicious and Egregious allegations on my file that apparently you are accusing me of making threats to Ministry worker’s. I am apalled at your behaviour you freak.
Tim Tremblay
Beth you are an egreious liar and I am offended at your allegations
Jelinski, Beth JU
From: Jelinski, Beth JU (
Sent: November-24-11 11:14:14 AM
To: Tim Tremblay (
Mr. Tremblay, please be informed that I have not been employed with the Ministry of Social Services for several months.  Please do not send any further e-mails to me at this address as I believe your concerns are being directed to the wrong person.
Thank you.
June 15, 2012
Beth Jelinski
Beth Jelinski,  go smoke some more fucking crack you fucking piece of shit. Information is that you reported to the Ministry of Housing and Social Development in Victoria BC, Canada that I threatened Ministry of Social Services workers
in Moose Jaw.
Tim Tremblay
Saskatchewan Government                           
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                                Courts and Civil Justice Division                           
                                Court Services                           
                                Provincial Court Offices                           
Moose Jaw Provincial Court Office
Telephone Number: FAX: (306) 694-3612 (306) 694-3043
Mailing Address: Room 211 – 110 Ominica Street W, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada, S6H 6V2
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Janet Dillabaugh:
RE: July 8,2011 Janet Dillagaugh, Manager Service Delivery
Reference #1904JD (314-11).
RE: August 16,2011 Bob Wihlidal Assistan Deputy Minister Income
Assistance and Disability Services Reference # 1969JD (374-11).
RE: September 27,2011 Janet Dillabaugh, Manager Service Delivery
Reference #2043Jd (435-11).
Sent: October-23-11 12:46:05 PM
Name:			Tim TremblayEmail Address:	timtremblay@gmail.comAddress:	403 - 510 Laureir Street WestCity:			Moose JawProvince:		SaskatchewanCountry:		CanadaPostal Code:		S6H 6X6Telephone:		306 972 1404Subject:		Minstry of Social Services condones                        Mental and Physical AbuseMessage:		Honorable June Draude                        Minister  of Social Services                        Premier Brad WallGovernment  of SaskatchewanSaturday October 22, 2011On Friday October 21, 2011 I was charged by the Ministry ofSocial Services Moose Jaw for trespassing.I was only dropping off the estimates for an orthopedic bed my doctor prescribed.I feel that I have committed  no crime.However if your government and ministryfeel that this is a crime and that I shouldbe charged and tried for this. Then I feelit would be important for me to pursuea writ in court to sue the provinceof Saskatchewan and the Ministry ofSocial Services Saskatchewan forhorrible physical and mental abuse.Also I feel that the Ministry ofSocial Services should appoint aliaison for me. As I don’t appreciatebeing called a fag by your staff,I also feel that when I have concernswith the Ministry of Social Servicesmy needs are not being met.I invite you to thefollowing uniform resourcelocators and https on my blog.Timtremblay's blog - Sep 2011 – Mr. Tim Tremblay has contactedour office and is requesting a response fromhis recent correspondence. I have attachedthe information that he ...MY CANADA MY PRIME MINISTER | Pat Wilson.pdf of overpayment Dillabaugh Tremblay

To Tim Tremblay

  • **Message you sent blocked by our bulk email filter**‏

To: Tim Tremblay Your message to:,,,,,,,,,, was blocked by our Spam & Virus Firewall. The email you sent with the following subject has NOT BEEN DELIVERED: Subject: FW: Tim Tremblay response requested This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed. Her Majesty The Quuen                    Don Morgan, QC Elderly Elizabeth with a smile Don Morgan, QC is a Canadian provincial politician. He is the Saskatchewan Party member of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan for the constituency of Saskatoon Southeast. He is also the Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Saskatchewan and the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety.

Minister of Justice
Justice Logo.png

Incumbent Rob Nicholson PC, QC, MP since 6 February 2006

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston CC CMM COM CD FRSC
Crest of the Governor-General of Canada.svg 28th Governor General of Canada

June Draude Minister of Social Services

draudeCoat of arms or logoimagesLieutenant-Governor Gordon Barnhart Warren Michelson MLA  Bob Wihlidal Assistand Deputy Minister Income Assistance And Disability Services

images (1) NDP MLA Deb Higgins Theo Bryson

Lee Ann Jelinski Social Services Moose Jaw

Honourable Minister of Social Services June Draude

From: Tim Tremblay (
Sent: July-29-11 12:26:57 PM
Thank you for your submission.  We have received your information, and will forward it to the appropriate government agency. You should receive a response in the next few days.

The following is the information that was sent: Name: Tim Tremblay Email Address: Address: 403 – 510 Laurier Street NW City: Moose Jaw Province: Saskatchewan Country: Canada Postal Code: S6H 6X6 Telephone: 972 1404 Subject: Ministry of Social Services Condones Mental Abuse Message: Dear June, On July 8,2011 I received a letter from Janet Dillabaugh. Her letter indicates Dr Thourpe prescribed a orthopedic bed for my special needs, also admits this request will be addressed during this month of July 2011 and on page 2 of her letter she states she is unclear of what medical form I submitted to Lee Ann Jelinski. I realize that I am marginalized. However, during the month of June I was screamed at by Amanda Plummer of your office. I am being treated different then anybody else on welfare disabilities. On June 29, 2011 my landlord stated to me she received a phone call from Pat Armstrong-Wilson whom was requesting my landlord do the work of a Social worker I understand there was a mail strike however if the landlord would have waited to receive the letter of guarantee for my security deposit the records show my landlord did not receive this letter until July 22, 2011. Also Lee Ann Jelinski and MLA Deb Higgins office also clearly indicated to me that I would receive the amount of $70.00 for my Disability Allowance so why is that I am receiving only $50.00 for my Disability Allowance. All that I see here is clearly abusive and I want to know if your Ministry of Social Services should be renamed to the Ministry of What Medical Form are You Talking About ?

Sincerely, Tim Tremblay Honourable June Draude, Thursday August 25, 2011 June Draude

June Draude

Has worked at Government of SaskatchewanWent to SpaldingLives in Kelvington, SaskatchewanMarriedBorn on March 17, 1947
  • I Do Not Like Menatally Abusive Social Services WIf you base all your work on the manual for social services: then why do allow Social Workers to be mentally abusive. IE: My medical report for special needs for an orthopedic bed was resubmitted on August 05, 2011 as per Janet Dillabaugh’s… instructions. Also on the medical report is a waiver to release information that I signed to allow Dr. Thourpe to release any further information you needed. So why is that I have to go to a beligerant MLA’s office on Tuesday August 23, 2011 to find out that Pat Wilson’s decision for the special needs is unfavouralbe until Social Services gets more information from Dr Thourpe that the Ministry delayed in doing… until Deb Higgins MLA office contacted Pat Armstrong-Wilson, so I conclude that your Ministry is highly mentally abusive and that yourself and your Ministry does condone Mental Abuse.

To From: Tim Tremblay ( Sent: June-16-11 12:23:31 PM To: Honourable  June Draude, Minisger Of Social Services Sackatchewan Canada, Hi there my name is Tim Tremblay. I just moved to Moose Jaw Sk from Victoria BC. I am a Person with Disabilities. I would like to inform you on how I was treated by my EAW. As I was homeless in Victoria and my Social worker in Victoria denied me access to housing as I was unable to find housing in Victoria BC that was lower than $375.00 a month. This placed me in imminent danger. I had no choice but to move back to Moose Jaw Sk my hometown. I am writing you as I know there is legislation for relocation. My social worker an EAW by the name of Lee Anne Jelinski denied me assisatance for housing for the month of June without creating an overpayment for June. I would like to request an appeal to this decision and am considering filing an Human Rights Complaint against Moose Jaw Social Services. Could you please respond to men in writing. My name is Tim Tremblay and you can mail me a letter to  Sincerely, Timothy James Tremblay

Office of the Premier
Follow Premier Wall

Please use this form to send email to Premier Wall.

Thank you for your submission.  We have received your information and you should receive a response in the next few days.

The following is the information that was sent: Name: Tim Tremblay Email Address: Address: 403 – 510 Laurier Street West City: Moose Jaw Province: Saskatchewan Country: Canada Postal Code: S6H 6X6 Telephone: 972 1404 Subject: Marginalized in Saskatchewan Message: Mr Wall, I am Social Assistance in Saskatchewan, I was wondering why your government allows for mental abuse?… as I am aware that in the rest of Canada that recipients of Gross Annual Income For The Needy (GAIN) or here in Saskatchewan Welfare, recieve their benefits and rent cheques at least 3 days prior to the 1st of the month. What’s up with your government ?

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Saskatchewan has two statutes for public sector privacy legislation: the The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and the The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In addition, the Public Disclosure Act relates to disclosing information about serious criminal offenders to protect victims and the public. For example, FOIP will apply to:

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Monday, June 27, 2011
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Tim Tremblay

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Tim Tremblay

@TimJTremblay                    Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada
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Tim T.

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    Tim Tremblay‏@TimJTremblay

    @PremierBradWall Ministry of Social Services Moose Jaw SK Canada Condones Abuse

  2. Hey, Doug keep it up , if you wanna talk to me talk to me. Please do not insult and threaten my sister you fuck face piece of shit

  3. Amber-Joy Boyd

    To ‘Tim Tremblay’

    Dear Tim,

    I will not be able to attend your appeal or support you in your appeal process due to your recent website and Twitter posts.

    We, as an organization, do not share your views of the government or its treatment of people with disabilities. We feel the government is improving the lives of persons with disabilities with its recent initiatives and we have worked side-by-side with them to bring about these changes.

    For example SAID has been a new initiative brought about by this government, and you yourself as a recipient should see the improvement it is making for people.

    I wish you all the best,


    Amber-Joy Boyd
    Saskatchewan Voice of
    People with Disabilities
    T: 306.569.3111
    F: 306.569-1889

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